Friday, September 13, 2013

Week In Review: September 9 - September 13

So began our week of our new normal: a daycare child restarted this week, kids are settling into their new fall schedules with preschool for several of the kids, trying to adjust to these new changes and a new schedule change. They're all doing well with everything, although the days just seem slightly off. This week we concentrated on getting to know each other, working together, sharing, manners, how to be a friend, and cleaning up. They're all doing a good job at working together to clean up (with a few reminders to stay on track) and we're working hard to eliminate the word 'mine' around here. Instead, I encourage them to use phrases such as "I'm playing with it" and "can I have a turn?" I'm really proud of how all of the kids are responding to this-even Elizabeth at 15 months old is catching on.

It seems very odd to me to only have one of my children with me 3 days a week while the boys are off at school. This will take some getting use to on my part, but I'm trying hard not to think about it! The phrase "they grow up too fast" lingers in my mind. Elizabeth was VERY happy to have the daycare kids back after our week of sickness hell last week. As long as other kids are here, she doesn't much mind having her brother's gone, although Wednesday afternoon she was very happy to wake up from her nap and find both of her boys home.

As far as daycare activities go, we've been keeping busy with some fun projects! The kids spent time coloring with Crayola oil pastels, painting with plastic sea creatures, using Crayola Window markers, building block towers, doing a Fizzy Apple experiment, bubble painting, cookie cutter painting, playing outside, reading LOTS of books, and apple scented slime. Next week, I'm looking forward to starting on some of the fall activities and projects I have lined up.

I had the kids paint with the plastic sea creatures. My aunt gave me these when she retired from teaching and I've used them for multiple things: counting, colors, grouping, and now painting. The kids really enjoyed seeing the different sea creatures on their papers....and getting their hands extra messy with the blue paint!

Bubble painting! The first time the kids did it, I used regular bubbles and food coloring. The second time around, I used Crayola bubbles. I was disappointed in how light the bubbles dried on their papers, but the kids loved this activity. Tip: be prepared for bubbles splattering in faces and all over. I didn't think of this until the first time the kids blew the bubbles onto their papers and I heard "aaahhhh, my face!" Ooops!
The Fizzy Apple/Apple Volcano activity. I cut out the center of an apple, put baking soda and Tones Apple Spice and then had the kids spoon vinegar (dyed red) in. Lots of "oohs" and "aahhhs" and giggles during this activity.
Cookie cutter painting. The kids requested blue paint again for some messy painting fun.
Football cookie cutter painting.

Until next week, we'll be enjoying the annual Beaverdale Fall Fest, Iowa vs. Iowa State game, and a still to be decided Sunday Family Fun Day. As always, keepin' busy and havin' fun!