Friday, September 6, 2013

Harrison's First Day of Preschool

We saw Big H off to 3 year old preschool this morning for the first time. He was so excited to go after the boring week he's had with two sick siblings. I am very excited for my lil' mommy clinger to go and gain some independence, but as I saw him off, there was a piece of my heart that broke a bit. I just saw my baby boy off for his first ever day of school. There is two and a half hours of my mornings now where I only have one of my children with me. I'm suddenly having one of those "they grow up too fast" days.

Drop off DID NOT go smoothly at all. Think the biggest tantrum you've ever witnessed at a Walmart and times it by ten (according to my husband who was the lucky person to drop him off). We were thinking he would have to come back home and forget about this whole preschool business until next year, but my awesome hubby got him calmed down and he was able to stay. I still can't believe how different each of my children respond when placed in the same situations and how they all handle them differently.

We're hopeful next week's drop offs go better than today's. Despite the freak out at drop off time, it was a happy and exciting morning. Once he calmed down, Harrison had a great time at preschool and tells me he's ready for next week. He also added "I going to try not to cry, but I won't scream."