Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Apple Paint

It's that time of year: all things apples and pumpkins. I few weeks ago a snatched up a small container of Tones Apple Spice and have been having a blast with it ever since. A few weeks ago I tried my hand at apple slime (my typical slime recipe with Apple Spice added) and it turned out great, so this time I tried Apple Paint. I used the same recipe I used for Kool Aid paints, but added the Apple Spice instead of Kool Aid.

Turned out great, smelling deliciously like fall. The kids did a couple of fun activities with the paint:

Painting a apple (I drew it and cut it out using poster board) that smelled "good enough to eat" according to the kids.

Recipe for Apple Paint:

1 cup of flour
add water to desired consistency (I make mine a little on the thicker side, but it takes a long time to dry)
4 drops of red food coloring
Tones Apple Spice (as much as desired)

These were easy for the kids to do on their own, as long as you have the apple shape pre-cut and ready to go. This is a great sensory activity for kids too. Next time we'll be trying it with a Pumpkin Spice and pumpkin shapes!