Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pinterest FAIL!!

Damn you, Pinterest. Damn you. You've sucked me in and helped to create some craftiness in my life. Unfortunately, I have had many Pinterest fails. My latest one goes something like this: I re-pinned a Melted Crayon Pumpkins onto my Kids Projects board. Some wonderful, beautiful, probably rich (so I have no way of knowing this, but in my mind, she is) mom of 4 did this activity with her children and it came out perfect. I couldn't wait to try ours! Seems simple enough. You put a bunch of broken crayons on top of pumpkins and sit them in the sun. Fool proof, but apparently not Ashlen proof.

So, Sunday afternoon, our pumpkins started out like this:

Four days later on Wednesday afternoon, this is how they looked:
No, you're not looking at the same picture. Yea, the crayons never melted. No, they're not sitting in the shade, that's just my shadow standing over them taking the picture. They've been sitting in the sun, looking like fools, making the pumpkins mushy. Not the crayons though. No, they've stayed strong. My kids even used the crayons to color on some of their outside toys and put them back on the pumpkins in hopes that our melted crayon pumpkins would actually BE melted crayon pumpkins.

Sadly, this has not been my first Pinterest fail. Those of you who are friends with my husband on Facebook, got treated to my afternoon project of chocolate chip cookie bowls back in March:
Oddly, he won't let me try this again after spending two hours cleaning the oven after this little mishap. I still don't know where I went wrong with this one and every time I see someone re-pin this recipe, I want to offer a warning.

I found out the hard way that shaving cream stains cement, dirt, carpet, and tile unless cleaned IMMEDIATELY after being put on these surfaces. Somehow, Shout can defeat it on clothes though. All for a Pinterest project the kids loved! See Shaving Cream Icy Paints if you want to brave it, but don't say I didn't warn you. If you do brave it, Shout does not work on the cement, dirt, carpet or tile. Just in a little fyi.

Damn you Pinterest. Damn you. You make me feel so crafty.....and so stupid.