Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Favorite Things September 8 - September 13

1.) Apple Cider K-cups: Big props to the hubs for finding apple cider K-cups for the Keurig at Target. Hot apple cider whenever I feel like it within seconds. It tastes pretty darn good too! Next week I may try adding a bit of caramel and see how it compares to Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider.

2.) Beaverdale Fall Fest: Anyone who has ever lived in Beaverdale knows how fantastic this is. Always a good time and always guaranteed to see friendly, familiar faces I don't get to see often enough.

3.) Toms shoes: At 29 1/2 years old I finally ordered my first pair of Toms shoes. I feel in love with my inspirational Toms shoes (they saw Imagine all over them-love!) when I saw them online. Not only did I find an unexpected promo code online ($5 off) but Toms promotes Buy One, Give One. Meaning every time someone purchases a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes is given to someone in need. Totally in love with this concept-think of it as giving while shopping. Their shoes range in price (from $48-over $100 for boots) but because of their B1G1, I'd say they're worth it.

4.) Fall Weather: Iowans have been lucky to finally have experienced a few days of fall-like weather. I'm pretty excited because I can do some of the fall activities/projects I have lined up for the kids! I was seriously thinking I'd have to begin them in the 90+ degree heat we've been experiencing.

5.) Kitty Cuddles: Cooler weather means two cats who want to curl up every night. Love my kitty snuggles on cold nights!

6.) Perfect Timing: Timing is everything. Nothing sums up my husband and I's relationship better than that phrase. This month, we celebrate knowing each other 15 years, being officially together for 8 years, and married for 5 1/2 years. Our story still makes me smile.

7.)  Fall Fun To Do List: Making progress! The kids and I get so excited every time we cross an activity off of the list!

8.) Healthy Cookies: I tried out a new healthy cookie recipe and LOVED them! Not a typical cookie, but they're pretty darn tasty and take care of the cookie craving. Oh, and did I mention they're actually healthy??!!!? Recipe to come....