Friday, September 20, 2013

Oh What a Week It's Been

It would be nice to say the last two days of the week went off without a hitch, but as usual, life had other plans. Thursday brought about the rule "no more being on the couch," which eliminated any jumping, falls, and kicking. Outside time had to be cut short because no one wanted to share the slide or got irritated when another child ran near them. You can imagine how my morning went. Miraculously, I got all 8 kids laid down and asleep at the same time for nice, long naps (except for my two minis who, as you can guess, hardly slept and were super fussy). Naps seemed to lead directly into the storm of the year, that required me and all of the kids to head for the basement. While down there, the kids discovered all of the toys I stash away for toy rotation. So........

I spent my Friday helping the kids with their projects and attempting to do a toy rotation, which really just made me irritated we've accumulated so much crap. The Keurig was my lifesaver today!

"Hello! I here!" Elizabeth says to every play phone we have.
The skies getting darker Thursday afternoon....
Just a peek at some of the limbs and leaves in our front yard. There was a huge tree branch that fell from the top of our huge sycamore trees that shook the ground when it fell. Our neighbor removed it before I could get a picture of it. Looks like we'll be doing some yard cleaning this weekend.
Cookie cutter candy corn painting turned out awesome!
Friday's lunch is a favorite of the kid's: Ramen noodles cooked in chicken broth and veggies (today I only used peas and carrots. Usually I add broccoli and chopped spinach too).

The kids spent the afternoon building a Lego Duplo town. Max built his school, complete with a kid putting a backpack in a locker.