Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Can We Go Corn Picking Too?"

Typical weekend here in Sheafferland: naps, snacks, meals, crying, runny noses, lots of no's from both myself and the kids, and tantrums were thrown in with some fun of apple picking, a birthday party at a park, gorgeous weather, outside time, yard work, visiting family, and some shopping.

At Happy Apple Orchard in Cumming, Ia. I highly recommend this place for anyone who's looking to apple pick. You pay a flat fee for a bag and can pack it full of apples. We fit over 25 lbs. of apples in our sack.

On our way to High Trestle Trail Bridge a couple of weekends ago, Max asked if we could go corn picking sometime next year. I told him I would look into it and he replied, as we were passing corn fields "we can just pull over and go right here. There's corn right here." ALL during our apple picking adventure, Max kept asking about corn picking. Looks like we have our list going already for next year's Fun To Do List.

Max trying to pull the heavy bag!
We ended our orchard time with eating some apples and playing on the playground.

Matt used some of our freshly picked apples to make homemade apple crisp topped with ice cream and caramel sauce. Yum!
Sunday morning and afternoon were spent cleaning up the mess from the storm. Matt's dad helped  out with the chipper.
Max got a hold of the camera and snapped away! This is Elizabeth's new favorite spot now that she's grown a few inches (although we put a step stool under her so she didn't spend hours on her tip toes!). She really enjoys yelling at the neighbors and saying "hi" to every passing car.
Max Cam!
Hanging out with family Sunday afternoon. Harrison snuggled up with cousin Natalie.
Trying out melted crayon pumpkins. Looks like they'll have to stay in the sun one more day. Lets see how these turn out or if it becomes another Pinterest 'Nailed It'
The new chicken chili soup recipe for the week. It was suppose to be a chicken chili but was more of a soup. Delicious! Recipe can be found here:
Bup loved it too!
We're accomplishing our goals and getting things crossed off of our Fall Fun To Do List! Even better-we're having tons of fun and spending quality time together. Next weekend will include another birthday party, a lazy Saturday (or so I hope!) for the kids and I while Matt works, and hiking at Ledges State Park.