Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Not All Fun Four Day Weekend

Well, the kids and I had four days off!! The bad part? Sick kids. We had to change up our plans Saturday morning to accommodate for the sickness, which means we cancelled our weekend trip to the Grotto. I was very disappointed but as usual, we rolled with it and will instead have a jammed packed fun time next weekend.

Friday was Matt's 32nd Birthday. We did it up with allergy testing for Max in the morning, shopping
and lunch out at Jordan Creek, pizza and cake with family, putting the kids to bed, and then a night out for us adults! We did a mini tour of the Beaverdale bars, tried new drinks, and had a great time. We rarely get to enjoy a night out together and it was a much needed break for both of us!

The kids woke up with tummy aches and just not feeling well at all Saturday morning. With Matt off to work, our Mommy, Max, Harrison, and Elizabeth Day was spent laying around, relaxing, and napping. I can't complain too much about taking naps! Harrison and Elizabeth were able to enjoy some outside time in the morning. This was the first time all week it was cool enough for them to go outside to play. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a very long winter here though, so I spent a good part of my day Pinteresting new winter time activities for all of the kids. Saturday night was definitely NOT as fun as Friday night. The theme for Saturday night was tummy aches, pukes, and poops. Serious yuckiness all around!

Sunday we woke up to a very messy backyard after an overnight storm moved through. The kid's trusty playhouse I bought on craigslist two and a half years ago was in pieces. RIP playhouse, you were all of the kids favorite outside toy. I needed a break from the sick minis and spent part of the afternoon hitting up Labor Day deals with my mom. Nothing fabulous, but a few cute new pieces of clothes for the kids. The rest of Sunday was pretty laid back trying to get the kids healthy for a busy week ahead.

Monday the kids still weren't feeling well, which lead us to have our 5th day in a row off on Tuesday. This was probably my least favorite weekend of the year. I was puked on, pooped on, and peed on more times than I can count. We're hoping tomorrow, after a visit to the doctor, the three minis will be on the mend and ready to go for a fun few days.

Here are some "highlights" (I suppose we can call them) from the weekend:
Max spent all of Saturday morning curled up on the couch with tummy aches.

Saturday night was rough for Lily girl, but then we go from this to....
THIS! She's suddenly feeling better and eating peas.
Max building letters with Legos
 A giant spider outside of our window! Harrison says "here spider, spider! I get you! Go away spider!"