Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Only Tuesday

It is only Tuesday but we've already had quite the week! We're keeping busy and having fun:

The kids did a shaving cream sensory activity. This was not as big of a hit as I was anticipating. Apparently a lot of my kids don't like getting their hands dirty! 
My healthy cookies made for a yummy morning snack!
2 lbs of strawberries don't stand a chance against my three minis!

The kids painted wooden leaves, did fall cookie cutter paintings, and fall coloring pages. Wooden leaf shapes found at Michael's for .29 a piece.
A dinner time fail turned into a dinner time accomplishment: After getting burgers and steaks all ready to grill, Daddy found out the grill was out of gas. Ooops! Perkins to the rescue. The biggest treat came right before we ordered and Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer unexpectedly showed up too. Our unexpected dinner turned into a family dinner with grandma and grandpa.

Halloween costume shopping completed! Only a month and a half until trick or treating.

Now for three more days until our Family Fun Weekend!