Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Make the Most of Today

Today was the kids and mine fifth day off in a row! Too bad it was a sick day for two of the minis. Despite some not so fun bodily functions going on, we managed to make the most of our day when the doctor told us "naps and plenty of fresh air." The four of us (and then five when Matt got home from work) handled these instructions well.

Cuddling with my two sick minis.
Notice the child that is feeling well is stuffing his face with a snack. The other two enjoyed the ride.
So when the doctor suggested lots of fresh air, we immediately knew we'd go for a walk. However, doctors orders were to stay away from public places (mall, parks, etc.) so we walked around the Butterfly Garden by the Saylorville visitors center. Close enough to a bathroom for Max (and clean up for Miss E, just in case) but lots of fresh, beautiful air. Just what we needed to put us in better moods-we've been going crazy being at home!
Nature at its finest: a spider the same color as the flower eating bees that landed near it.
Family picture time. Really, Elizabeth just needed snuggles so we took the opportunity to snap a few!
Posing on the little bridge in the garden. After a little exploring, fresh air, and mommy pushing 100 lbs of minis and stroller we were ready to go home!
Kitty Doc drinking out of Elizabeth's bath water calls for a big "UH-OH!" from Miss E.