Wednesday, February 24, 2021

I'm Ready To Be A Yes House Again

A hot chocolate pool. Yes, they went swimming in it too!

Preface: I feel the need to mention that I realize I am extremely privileged to be able to keep my business up and running, make money, AND safely provide families with alternatives at this time. I am grateful in every aspect for all of it, especially the option to homeschool my own children. All of that is made possible because of my daycare business. Regardless, it doesn't negate my feelings. Like many people, I am navigating through a new world and trying to find my footing. Our entire world changed one year ago and while we have made it work to the best of our ability, it's HARD to make changes you weren't ready to make or didn't want to make. I was happy and content with how my business was run, how we were leading our lives, and everything in between. 

 In all of the changes in the last year, this one flew under the radar for a bit. It wasn't until I couldn't place my own feelings about things that I realized what the true issue was. Upon creating my daycare ten years ago, I wanted one thing above all else: I wanted the kids to hear YES as much as possible. This is how we've had things like feet and body painting, baby pudding painting, flour "sand," shaving cream and chocolate pools, using a mattress to jump on from off of the couch, and so much more. A kid's life is full of no's, I wanted my house to be the yes house.

I've succeeded in that for nine years. I made it nine years and then Covid happened. Quarantines and new ways of life overwhelmed us. Daycare was forced to become "school at daycare" out of necessity. I wouldn't have it any other way because I was able to step up, help out, and be someone that my daycare families needed in a time of uncertainty. But in the process, our house became a "no" house.

No, we can't use endless blankets to build forts. I can't let you play with blankets. Or stuffed animals, cloth toys, and anything else that can't be easily wiped down to be disinfected. No, we can't do that. No, we can't do a dance party right now because someone is taking a test. No, nap times. lunch times, snack times, or anything else can't be changed. No, we don't have time to play outside. No, we can't do ________ because I won't have the time in between helping kids with schoolwork, making sure they're at their classes on time, and teaching other kids.

It's breaking me to have so many no's. Don't get me wrong, the kids don't seem to be exceptionally bothered by it; it's ME who's taking it hard! What made every day fun was that I managed to make every day a little different (for the kids and me). With school at daycare, that's not always a possibility. I'm ready for my house to be a yes house again.

Maybe it's summer that I need. The long days spent playing in the yard, in barefeet (which will likely be another no this year because, well, dog), getting covered in dirt in the mud kitchen, eating lunch whenever the kids are hungry, and having as long of a lunchtime as they would like. I'm ready for it. I miss it. I'm ready for more yes and less no.

Playing a game they created circa 2015ish. They set up the chairs, then you must stand on our couch, throw a ball, and hit a chair to get points. For five and three year olds, I thought it was brilliant.