Monday, February 8, 2021

Superbowl Sunday

I love that we're able to make our own schedule while we homeschool. In the past, Sundays have always been early to bed for my kids. As a result, they've never in their life watched the entire Superbowl. In fact, we're usually at a party and leave during halftime, so they've never fully seen a halftime show! This year, we let them stay up and watch the whole game, commercials, halftime show, and all of the coverage. I wouldn't say it was an unforgettable day because it was pretty much just another Sunday, but it was a first and the kids said it was special, so it's a win!

Before we get to Sunday, we'll go over the rest of our weekend. Fridays have been WandaVision night, but the minis spent a good portion of Friday evening and Saturday morning experimenting with their pH balance test strips. Meanwhile, Hubs and I ventured out during the snowstorm to go to Trader Joe's. We nearly had the entire store to ourselves! We filled the cart and then some. Saturday evening, we masked up and spent a couple of hours with my parents and sister for my mom's birthday. The dogs played, we caught up (since we never see them...or anyone else for that matter), we ate. It was a great Saturday night.

We got home from Trader Joe's and the minis instantly dug into the chocolate covered bananas and strawberries and fresh apples. Then the dog napped because he had a night of basically not stopping.

The golden retriever was trying to sleep, Zeus wouldn't let him. No surprises there.

I died at the look on my sisters dog's face as Zeus tore up a toy.

Football donuts to start the day.

The oldst spoiled us with a recipe from Seychelles. For each end of unit project in social studies, he thoroughly researches a country in that region of Africa and then makes a dish from that country. We've been spoiled by many unique recipes and this was no different. His chicken coconut curry was a hit!

The middle one was still hungry, so he broke out his Trader Joe's frozen pho. It was actually pretty decent for a frozen bowl of soup! We also dug into the chocolate cake--it was amazing! TJ's chocolate cupcakes, cakes, etc. are my favorite!

I set a plate of pizza rolls down and told the dog to "leave it." This was the look I received.

We had our own halftime performance to watch, complete with tap shoes.