Wednesday, February 17, 2021

A Quiet Mardi Gras

 This was not our typical Mardi Gras! Typically, it's a big to do. A full, loud day of fun. 2021 was...quiet. We did homeschool lessons, a few worksheets, we watched an old Mardi Gras parade on YouTube (mom failed to pre-view this one and well, they learned just how you can get more beads from people. Oops), but we did eat like we were in New Orleans! 

We made beignets for breakfast, red beans and rice for lunch, king cake, and jambalaya for dinner.

The minis finished their lessons early, so they got lots of free time which involved playing a game on their Kindles, taking a nap (I didn't argue with the 12 year old when he requested a nap!), and getting out play dough. 

This Mardi Gras was weird. I'm used to an entire house full of action and a king cake from Rouses (read about that drama here). Hopefully next year will be different and we can fully celebrate the day!

If you want to hear about an awesome Mardi Gras celebration, read about last year's here.