Saturday, February 13, 2021

V-Day Party Day

An entire day of Valentine's activities. That's just what happened today at daycare/homeschool/virtual school. Homeschoolers had a day of learning all things love, daycare played, the kids passed out Valentine's to each other, we broke out a slime kit, and they ate soooooo many sweets. It was a fun (and exhausting) day. 

They built hearts with toys all week. They even arrranged the play food in a heart shape on the table!

My three had a great time creating their own Valentines for daycare friends during art classes this week. The oldest has all kinds of drawing talent.

Friday included an insane amount of sugar, which is probably why the littles crashed hard at nap time! Breakfast included these donuts from Krispy Kreme and yogurt with berries, morning snack was sugar cookie decorating (and eat, of course), and afternoon snack was our brownie cake and applesauce. I made sure lunch was somewhat healthy, with heart shaped grilled cheese, tomato soup, and carrots. I ate the crusts, so my lunch was less exciting.

The kids colored their bags to be used for their Valentine's.

The homeschoolers had some fun worksheets, in addition to learning about the origin of Valentine's Day, and learning to say 'I love you' in various languages.

A couple of the littles asked why they they had to give away their Valentine's, as in, the ones they brought to give out. I had to giggle, while I explained to them how it worked. We had the bigs go first to demonstrate. Then, I had them put their bags away, since there was enough sugar involved in our day!

Our party game was Find The Hearts. I hid paper hearts all around the room, then the kids had to find them. They LOVE these kinds of games!

Most days, I wouldn't know exactly who left shredded paper towels all over the bathroom floor. This time, I didn't have to guess because the culprit left behind a toy.

Their afternoon activity was breaking out a new kit and making slime. Then, they excitedly talked about summer and having a slime day at daycare.