Saturday, February 6, 2021

Let's Talk Menus


The drive to Trader Joe's this morning. Great to get out of the house, not so great as the snow was coming down.

I typicall do menus based on our grocery pick up days. We (usually) do grocery pick ups on Sundays and Wednesday evenings (while one kid is at dance class). Therefore, my menu making is done Sunday lunch - Wednesday dinner and then Thursday breakfast - Sunday breakfast. This has worked really well for us for multiple reasons. First, it isn't as daunting to make a few days worth of menus rather than a FULL week. Also, I have to buy A LOT of food. Family of 5 + daycare = a lot of food for meals and snacks and then some (just in case there's extra hungry bellies). I simply don't have the space for a week's worth of food! 

We did a quick Trader Joe's run this morning, so I actually have some of next weekend's menu made!

So, what are we having exactly? Here's a look at our menu for the week:

Codes: B=breakfast MS=morning snack L=lunch AS=afternoon snack D=dinner


  • (B) Donuts and coffee
  • (L) Pizza rolls, chips and salsa
  • (D) Chicken coconut curry, pita bread, fruit salad


  • (B) Bagels and cream cheese, fruit
  • (MS) Apples and Nutella
  • (L) Chicken sandwiches, veggie straws, carrots
  • (AS) Pretzels and cucumbers
  • (D) Veggie rice, pot stickers, naan


  • (B) Breakfast Quesadillas
  • (MS) Sausage and yogurt with granola
  • (L) Hot ham and cheese sandwiches, veggie stir fry, applesauce
  • (AS) Soft pretzels and snap peas
  • (D) Cheese and spinach tortillini, salad


  • (B) Oatmeal
  • (MS) Granola bars
  • (L) Waffle dippers, salad, carrots
  • (AS) Homemade chips and salsa
  • (D) Pizzadillas, salads, bananas