Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Floor Is Lava


We're halfway through our week! Keeping me going is our daughter making inappropriate jokes (that she read in a book), having our longest day behind us, and The Floor Is Lava!!! The Floor Is Lava is a highlight fore indoor recess this week. We have very little time in our day when I have ALL of the kids free. Exactly 20 minutes each day, so we take advantage. The kids love it and I have a great time being their lava monster.

Still my favorite thing from the week: looking through my camera and seeing the kids pass the two year old around so he wouldn't get stuck in the "lava." I was thinking he'd likely just run around with the kids and maybe attempt jumping from object to object, but instead, the older kids tried to have their little friend play with them! I love how thoughtful they are!

Somehow, only one injury so far from our game. 

Our daily games are followed by lunch, where they're allowed to watch one episode of The Floor Is Lava on Netflix.