Sunday, February 14, 2021

Congrats On Adulting


My children proudly handed me my Valentine's Day gifts. They weren't wrapped, just set out on the table, as I had done with theirs. The trophy was my favorite thing on that table. I've never felt so seen. I smiled and asked who picked that out.

My oldest, as twelve, laughed and said, "I saw it and thought of you instantly. Like, you're an adult, but sometimes you do things and I think, 'how is she a grown up?'"

I didn't tell him that I often think THE SAME THING!! 

As in, I still congratulate myself on remembering to wash my hair a few times a week or when I follow a recipe exactly. Adulting. I give myself imaginary pats on the back at those points. Then, I have those moments when my kids get a Laser Tag set for Christmas and I'm the first one to try it out (I also do a victory dance when I beat my children) or I spend more time with my hands in freshly made slime than a kid does. Also, a kind of adulting. The kind that needs a break. Right after that break, I remember to pay a bill that's due. Big time adulting.

Also adulting is convincing your kids to help fill up water balloons (with food coloring and water) for an activity for your job on Monday. Then, worrying about your newly stained hands AND thinking, "screw it," all at the same time. Lastly, you forget about the (now frozen) balloons outside and decide that it's too cold outside to go get them. You'll deal with it tomorrow....if you don't forget. 

All adulting.

So, congrats if you've adulted in the least today. You're doing great!