Sunday, February 28, 2021

Celebrating 37

Today I'm 37. I haven't had the usual birthday celebrations I usually do all throughout the month of February. Typically, there's numerous dinners with friends, drinks, days off, trips, etc. February always seems like a month of rejuvination: winter begins wrapping up, we/I tend to get out more, and spring is in the air. I always wished for a summer birthday, but the older I get, the more fitting it seems for my birthday to come just as change happens. This year, I was content with the few small celebrations I got. I am beyond content and happy with simplicity, which is something I only would have appreciated by going through this last year.

Last week, we did a brunch with my parents and sister. And the dogs. We can't forget about them because they've taken over our gatherings.

Notice my parent's dog, Rudy, wearing his hat nicely. Then, notice my dog, crazy eyed, getting ready to eat his hat. No one was surprised.

Friday night I put on make up, actual clothes, and while the oldest mini played with friends, I hung out with my friend (one of the moms). It was amazing! Completely not for my birthday, but more of a catch up on life, talk about parenting, all of it. It was a highlight of my weekend! Of course I brought my daughter's lunchbox filled with seltzers.

On Saturday, we got a start on our State Parks Tour. Read about that adventurous day here.

This brings us to my actual birthday. A big highlight of my Sunday was receiving my second Covid vaccination. Beyond that, I requested breakfast pizza in the morning, watched my Sunday morning shows (CBS Sunday Morning and Face The Nation) in peace, went TO the grocery store (rarely happens for me), had a few porch visits, surprised the minis with treats, opened gifts, had a rehearsal via Zoom, and listened to the boys and dad figure out how to make lava cake. It was a wonderful day! 

Shirley Temples and Girl Scout cookies (because the kids ate all five boxes of the ones we ordered last week!). After my vaccination, we made a quick stop at Smokey Row for coffees and lunch.

The mini's card and gift was my favorite: a giant car topper for a future road trip and THE BEST card I've ever gotten.

In my cleaned office right before rehearsals for Expressing Motherhood (top). Figuring out lighting, the best device to use, and actually re-reading through my story (bottom) is how I ended my night.