Sunday, February 7, 2021

I Turned Into A Full Blown Dog Mom


I need to start by saying that I got our dog for my kids. They wore me down asking and begging and promising. I was excited for a little puppy, but I was fairly indifferent about having a dog. However, my children actually stepped up and have done an amazing job of taking care of him. I have only picked up dog poop maybe a dozen times since last June, they feed him, walk him 2-3 times a day, play with him, clean up his messes, take him to his vet appointments (with my husband), and give him any medication he's every needed. They've been spectacular to the point that I'm thrilled we got a puppy. Plus, he's completely and totally my furry little big baby.

I woke up with him at night the first few weeks until he learned to sleep through the night. It was like having a newborn each night and a terrorizing toddler during the day as the kids kept him from tearing things apart. I can easily say, I love our Zeus more than I did when we first got him. I've also turned into a full blown dog mom in the last nine months.

The 80 lbs. hunk of furry love slept on top of me last night and I let him. To be clear, I don't like it when my husband's foot goes over my side of the bed. He goes to the cupboard when he wants a cracker, hits it with his paw, and then looks at me. He will come and get me when he wants something, points it out to me, and then waits until I give in to him.  

Whenever a box is delivered to our house, he gets excited and tries to dig it open. Why, you ask, would the dog assume a package was for him? It probably has something to do with the fact that he had Chewy orders and Bark boxes delivered weekly to our house throughout the summer and fall. He's also fond of the words "let's go," "bye bye," and "hike."

All of that doesn't sound too bad, you say? Well, I taught my dog to give me kisses and when my mother requested pictures of my children, I gave her one of the dog too. I have no regrets about any of it. I'll be the first to tell you, "good luck" if you tell me you're getting a puppy, but I'll also be the first to tell you it will be one of the best things you do...and I'll completely understand if you go all out dog mom mode too.