Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Today Was An Unimportant Day

 There are days that are important in our minds. They are remembered by births, surprises, misfortunes or furtunate happenings, marriages, divorces, all of those big things and the feelings that come along with them. Then there are the unimportant, mundane days. The days where regular things happen; things that make up our daily lives. By far, our mundane days are more plentiful than the important days, but the important days are so etched into our brains and heart that they seem to outweigh the mundane. I, for one, appreciate the mundane because I try my hardest to make them interesting. Not important, but interesting. The unimportant, mundane, day to day life is where our hopes and dreams are born, our morals and personality are formed. It's where we become who we are. I argue that how we live our unimportant, mundane days define us, rather than the important.

Today was a mundane day. I spent my day doing the usual things: working, teaching, cooking, checking in with friends and family, walking the dog, laughing with kids, picking up groceries. In between these mundane tasks that have become my daily life, I attempted to help family and friends of friends look for appointments for a Covid vaccination. I failed, but I tried. 

I gave random (and probably wrong) facts about groundhogs, had conversations about teamwork and sportsmanship, and sang our new phrase, "no one knows everything." 

I had some free time, so I was back to making calls to the state house. I am opposed to a bill that is making it's way through and I want it stopped. I have fought for things like this before, but never so hard. I'm fighting because it will have lasting effects on our state's educational system. Those effects could reach my children's children. It takes away from everything I've tried my damndest to teach my children. So, I fight.

Will I remember each moment of today? No, but I will remember trying and fighting. I will remember coming home from picking up my new glasses and realizing they're nearly identical to my husband's. We laughed. Unimportant laughter, but it makes the days richer. Today was an unimportant day.