Friday, February 5, 2021

We Do Dinners Fully Clothed Now

Picture from 2013 during a naked art project

 Last night as we sat down for dinner, I took a good look at my surroundings. Everyone was sitting in their chair about 90% as a normal human being would. Everyone used a napkin and utensils. No one made a huge mess. And most importantly, everyone had on clothes. Not one of us sat down naked to the dinner table.

Not that my husband or I have issues eating dinner nude, but it didn't seem like that long ago that my children seemed to be sitting at our table with every few, if any, items of clothing on. Somehow, under my nose, we reached another parenting milestone: fully clothed meals. 

Parenting taught me a lot and solidified my, 'I DGAF' attitude. I realized fighting a toddler to put a shirt on wasn't worth it (for me, maybe you draw the line elsewhere, but my line is so far gone I can't even see it anymore). We've eaten so many meals featuring half naked, fully naked, or partially naked mini-humans that I didn't even think twice about it and now I can't remember our last meal that wasn't fully clothed. 

While we've reached this parenting milestone, our dinners occassionally still include tears. Those are few and far between, but we have yet to hit that one.