Monday, February 1, 2021

I'm Not Really Sure What We Did This Weekend


The title says it all. It was another two days, another weekend in the winter. There was snow, we didn't go hiking at the State Park I wanted because of said snow, I wrote, the minis played, we cooked (I handed this off to other people in my household), we didn't watch movies, we stopped at a park, I ordered groceries, I did some online shopping, I made vague travel plans for someday in the future, I got the Covid vaccine, we drank coffee, took naps, and showered. Nothing overly special, but it was two days.

The oldest and I worked on our canvas drawing. Read about that here.

My view while I waited for my vaccine. I was not entertained by this aisle. Read about my experience here. Getting the vaccine was a defining moment of our weekend.

We had the entire playground to ourselves. We had planned on walking on the trail, but it was very patchy: some spots icy, other spots completely clear, and then other spots with 8+ inches of snow still on it. We decided to skip the trail and instead play.

I took the dog to walk on the frozen lake. As soon as we stepped onto where the lake began, the dog stopped, sniffed the air, and then immediately started digging and trying to break the ice!

Snow ball fight! They also played hide n' seek since we had the park to ourselves.

Outtake from a quick photo shoot we did.

So much reading. All three minis are reading books they love (Harry Potter, World War Z, and Super Fudge) plus we're doing bedtime readings each night. This week we'll begin To Kill A Mockingbird. Last week, we read A Long Walk To Water.