Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pint Size Prom

My goal for spring break was to try out a new theme day. I had seen prom pictures done with toddlers and thought they were adorable. That's when the idea for Pint Size Prom popped into my head. It was fairly similar to our Dance Party we had last summer, but with a few new activities added to the mix.

We started our morning out with kid favorites: rainbow Goldfish crackers, a chocolate fountain with strawberries, blueberries, and bite size graham crackers to dip, and lemonade punch to drink.

The kids loved the chocolate fountain! Elizabeth asked for a plate of chocolate to eat.

The Photo Booth (similar to Photo Booth Day) was set up in the kitchen. The kids colored the wooden props (found at Michael's, ranging in price from $1-$2.50) earlier in the morning. The Fuji Insta Mini camera came in handy so the kids could take pictures of each other. They had a great time posing, taking pictures, and making funny faces.

My favorite part of the day was seeing the kids' many styles of dances. A few times they tried to dance with a partner, they did a few group dances, had a dance off (but that ended when a couple of kids had a break down about "being judged. I don't like it!") but mostly they were all on their own on the "dance floor" throwing themselves about. It was fantastic!

"Will you dance with me please?"

The kids had a great time with the games! They played the Limbo and Musical Chairs.

We will definitely be doing this theme day again (with the addition of a disco ball). The most challenging part of the day was attempting to get a group photo with all of the kids in it! The kids loved spending half of the day dancing, jumping, diving, and laughing. Nearly all of the kids wound up napping that day, with the kids who didn't fall asleep being ready for bed by the time pick up time rolled around.

This would make a really cute end of the school year party for preschoolers and early grade schoolers (think kindgarteners). It's pretty simple to do too. A few ideas for a Pint Size Prom of your own:

  • Snack table. While our chocolate fountain was a hit, you could do fruit already dipped in chocolate (strawberries, pineapple, bananas) to keep the mess to a minimum. Include a "special" drink (our's was lemonade), crackers, and anything else you'd like. Just keep it simple.
  • Music. We did a mix of hits ("Roar" and "Shake It Off" were listened to multiple times) in addition to kids favorites like "If You're Happy and You Know" and "Hokey Pokey."
  • Dress clothes (optional). I invited the kids to wear dresses, khakis, button down shirts, etc. but it wasn't required.
  • Games planned. Musical chairs was a surprise hit and all kids over the age of 3 understood the game perfectly.
  • Photo booth or someone going around to take pictures of everyone dancing. The kids loved the photo booth (they loved both posing for the pictures and taking the pictures of their friends), but they loved looking at all of the pictures I took of them dancing just as much.