Sunday, March 6, 2016

Zoo Day

Last Friday I took daycare to the zoo. The kids loved it!

 I've got several animal enthusiasts in my daycare group and I knew that they would appreciate a day dedicated to their favorite zoo animals. So we set up a zoo in the living room!

 Stuffed animals served a our zoo animals.

There were giraffes, hippos, seals, panthers, monkeys and more!

Max and Harrison made a "monkey jungle gym.

The blocks were the animal's food.

We did grow animal capsules (found at Dollar Tree).

We had plenty of animal figurines to play with, including a daycare favorite: the Little People Zoo.

The kids had giraffe shaped grilled cheese and Zoo pasta for lunch.

The kids colored bear masks and practiced their animal sounds while wearing them.

Other things we did throughout the day:

I do believe the kiddos had fun with this theme day. We may need to do it put bigger this summer and create a zoo in the backyard!