Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Spring Fling With These Items

1.) Rain coat. Obviously I've been a bit obsessed with LL Bean since Christmas, so it was the first place I looked for a rain coat. I love the bright colors they offer!

2.) Rain boots. These all rubber boots will make walks in the rain a cinch.

3.) I love the fruity smells of Yankee Candle in the spring.

4.) Fresh flowers. I'm not much of a flower person usually, but right after winter, I love small bouquets of flowers displayed in my living room.

5.) Chrysler Town and Country. I am in love with my new minivan! Not a minivan person (or claim to be)? Check out Chrysler's 2017 Pacifica design. It's like every minivan mom's dream. It looks like a car, but has the roominess of a minivan.

6.) Nature Valley Oatmeal Squares. These have been my go-to breakfast along with a banana for the past month. My kids have also gotten hooked as well.

7.) Terry cloth dress. Love the spring color!

8.) The Fall. Very well written, very creepy, and very entertaining. Love British TV!

9.) Bud Light's Watermelon Rita. Tastes like summer in a can.

10.) Bug catching kit. Good way to keep the kids busy, playing outdoors, learning, and out of my hair.

11.) Chocolate fountain. I got one for my birthday and I am in love with it! We'll be using it for a daycare special one day, but it's just as great to pull it out for family gatherings or game night at our place.

12.) Lularoe Leggings.  We all love leggings, but these are are seriously the most comfortable leggings with the best coverage we've found.

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