Monday, March 7, 2016

First Weekend In March (2016)

We had an excellent weekend here in Sheafferland. It was actually pretty perfect. We relaxed, we got things done, we got plenty of sunshine and outdoor time, and we all ended the weekend happy. Go us!

Friday night Hubs and I started the new season of House of Cards. Saturday we slept in, got a few things checked off of our To Do List, and ran some errands. Saturday afternoon we treated the minis to a showing of Zootopia. Two buckets of popcorn and two refills of lemonade later, we highly recommend seeing this movie. We all loved it!

 Popcorn for dinner??? Yep, pretty much. They did manage a few veggies when we got home, but were "too full of popcorn" for a big dinner. Since we rarely go to movies, I let this one slide.

 Elizabeth got a hold of my camera and took pictures of everyone. Of the twenty pictures she took, this one was the best (and my eyes are totally closed).

 My new favorite shirt I treated myself to.

Our Saturday night looked a lot like our Friday night, with me falling asleep by 10:30 p.m. on the couch.

Sunday morning started with a big breakfast, some play time, and then we were off for our morning adventure to the High Trestle Trail Bridge in Madrid, Iowa. It was an absolutely gorgeous day (70 degrees!!), although a bit windy on the trail since we went early in the day. The rest of the day the kids ran around outside, we grilled, and put the finishing touches on our To Do List. I even got to soak up the sun as I read a book on the patio while the kids played a game of neighborhood hide n' seek. 

My favorite part about this day was getting my house clean with NO INTERRUPTIONS! Since the kids were busy outside, I didn't have anyone tearing things up behind me as I cleaned. It was so refreshing to have my house cleaned and daycare ready before dinnertime. I hadn't realized how much I was missing sunshine and summertime, but now I'm itching for it to get here.

The minis were thrilled to see a fuzzy caterpillar. "It's a sign of spring!" they exclaimed.

 Hair cuts and lunch outdoors while mom and dad get some outside cleaning done.

Sunday tugged at my heart strings quite a bit. The last time we went to High Trestle Trail Bridge was two and a half years ago. It took us almost 3 hours to walk the portion of the trail that we walked on Sunday. 3 hours of walking and exploring. This time, it only took us 48 minutes to walk, explore, and take a time out for a potty break. It was a big realization just how big the minis are getting and how their abilities are changing. At the same time, it made me REALLY excited for all of the adventures we can embark on as they grow older. So many mixed emotions about our adventure.