Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pudding Painting

Daycare did some pudding painting this week. I try to do activities that all of the kids, babies, toddlers, and school age, can participate in AND have fun with. This was one of those successful activities. 

I started out by making pudding the evening before (following the directions on the packages) and refrigerating overnight. Right before it was almost painting time (and before all of the kids got undressed), I scooped the pudding into six bowls and used food coloring to dye the pudding the colors of the rainbow. I set the bowls all around so the kids could easily reach them. Then came painting time.

Things started out pretty tame. Nearly all of the kids instantly dove in. One ten month old particularly enjoyed it, laughing, squealing, and clapping. I was very surprised that hardly any of the pudding was eaten! Before we began, I was worried that they would eat too much of it and spoil their lunch. Turns out that wasn't even an issue.

A few kids didn't want to get messy, or were worried about getting into trouble for making a mess (I thought that was adorable), and another didn't like the stickiness of the pudding.

Things went from tame to quite messy in a matter of seconds when the kids discovered they could crawl and roll in it!

It should be of no surprise that most of the kids required a rinse off in the bath afterwards. As much of a sticky mess Pudding Painting was, it was totally worth it, seeing how much the kids enjoyed it. Plus, clean up wasn't too bad either. Despite that, this may be better suited for an outdoor painting session next year!