Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Unexpected Day Off

I already got a three day weekend, which had been planned for months. Imagine my surprise when I found out most of the daycare kiddos fell ill and couldn't come to daycare (per daycare rules). I dropped the minis off at school Tuesday morning and found myself in an unusual place. I had the house to myself for TWO FULL HOURS! It has been years since that has happened.

As I pulled out of the parking lot of the youngest's school, I sat at the drive thinking about all of the possibilities. I could nap. I could clean. I could blare my music as loud as I wanted with no inputs as to what are "bad songs." I could get that pedicure I so desperately need. So what did I do with my free two hours? 

I drank my morning tea WARM while catching up on national news. I took a shower with no interruptions. I listened to country music. I had my groceries delivered and I stopped by Starbucks without being rushed. It was pretty amazing.

In the drive thru at Starbucks completely by myself! 

Not only did I have two hours in the morning, but I took advantage of the youngest's hour and half nap before we picked up the boys from school. That's how I wrote this little diddy and got a start on a few other posts. Coming from someone who isn't used to having free time or being alone, my two free hours felt nice, but odd. There were a few times I felt boredom or thought about what I would usually be doing. I most definitely spent a good portion of the day talking to myself. Out loud at that. I do believe I even laughed out loud at myself and then felt utterly stupid when there was no one to join in on the laughter. 

Today was another reminder of how I am so used to loudness and chaos.

What do you do with your free time? What would you do with two free hours?