Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Birthiversary Weekend

What do you get when you have my birthday and our anniversary in one weekend?? You get our annual Birthiversary. This year we didn't have a lot planned, but the weather was gorgeous so we managed to spend plenty of time outdoors (and grilled our meals!).

 Friday night we had Elizabeth's school Family Fun Night. The kids had a BLAST and spent the night running around the school. We stayed way past bedtime to help clean up. Although we were all exhausted, we were rewarded with 4 hour naps on Saturday. Totally worth the late night and hard work!

Saturday morning we woke up to a gorgeous day! We picked up cupcakes for my birthday and then went on a long hike through Walnut Woods State Park. It was by far the muddiest hike we've ever been on. Although it was pretty fun. The kids claimed we "ice skated" through the mud because by the end we were slipping all around. I didn't worry about the mud until we got to the van....I may have made the kids ride home in their underwear so they didn't get the new van dirty!

 "Mom we want to see what's in the brush over there. You go and see for us." 

Of course we forgot the hiking boots at home. I spent a good portion of my Sunday night cleaning shoes.

Saturday afternoon, we napped with the windows open (one of my favorite things in life is napping with the windows open while a slight breeze comes through), grilled steaks and veggies for dinner (not one of my favorites but the kids loved it), and made our way through Fuller House on Netflix. 

Sunday we celebrated my birthday with cupcakes from Scratch, lunch at Fong's, and a hike through Jester Park (less muddy than Saturday's hike). This (below) was my fortune from my cookie. Apparently I have some learning to do this year!

Matt pointed out all of the animal prints in the mud. We even found a trail the deer had made down by the stream.

We tried really hard to get a good selfie in....

Races on the bridge on a our favorite trail. Max has been waiting all winter to hike this trail!

The kids discovered the cat snoozing in their laundry basket before bed Sunday night.

Monday was Hubs and I's "second" anniversary (thank you Leap Day)! We didn't have a lot planned and kind of roamed around. First up, I had to renew my drivers license, then we hit up Starbucks, walked around the Sculpture Park, went out to lunch, and walked around the Rose Garden and Greenwood Park.

We checked out Skip's for lunch with Elizabeth in tow (after we picked her up from school). 

At our original wedding site. Read about that story here.

We took the minis bowling, as promised, after picking up the boys from school. So basically how this went: the kids complained the entire time we were bowling. Until the last frame. Then they turned happy and energetic and squealed "when can we go bowling again?" as soon as the last ball was rolled. I informed them I needed some recovery time before we go again.

 How bowling with kids really looks.

A highlight for Elizabeth was that her nails matched her bowling ball.

Tuesday I got an unexpected day off when all of the daycare kids were sick. I had two full hours to myself in the morning (read about that here) and took the kids shopping in the afternoon after school. Trying on jeans with the minis in the dressing was....interesting...and something I won't be doing again.

We are absolutely loving the spring-like weather towards the end of our winter! We really made a point to bundle up and spend time outdoors this winter. I feel like this winter has been much easier to get through with these gorgeous weekends being extra icing on our already iced cake. 32 started off pretty good with two days off of work, time to myself, and trying new things.