Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Break Week In Review: March 14 - March 18

I had a difficult time deciding if I should take spring break off to spend with my minis, take daycare kids the entire time, only take part of the time off. After much debate, I decided to take one day off (the first Friday of break) and have kids normally the full Spring Break week. It was a great decision because we wound up having the best week ever! We had theme days, sensory activities for all ages, arts and crafts times, games, time outdoors, and so many laughs.

We began our week with a theme day, Bird Day.

The backyard got a good work out in on the first day of Spring Break. ALL of the toys got drug out and played with.

On Tuesday we had a Lego Day. The kids built with small Lego's and Duplos all day long! It was amazing and an incredibly easy day for me since the Lego's kept them busy and building from morning until pick up time. This was also the day the kids learned about the Magic 8 Ball. Fun stuff for our Tuesday!

Breakfast on Wednesday: green pancake muffins and sausage.

Wednesday morning the minis went with Hubs to the State Historical Museum. While they were gone, there was lots of time playing with animal figurines, poll taking about which animals were the most popular among the other kids. In the afternoon, there was music listening and homemade play dough playing.

 Morning snack: green applesauce and Lucky Charms.

St. Patrick's Day play dough

Wednesday we celebrated a daycare child's birthday with an Airhead "cake" (child's choice). The kids were all thrilled!

At the State Historical Museum.

Hubs was taken by this new picture exhibit. 

Sometimes things get tricky when I take kids of all ages because of nap time. Some kids still take a nap (and need a nap) and some kids don't. Rest time is going out the window for a few of the older kids, but I still try to do quiet time. On this afternoon, the kids decided on a movie to watch while they all curled up on one couch...even though the larger couch was completely open.

I rewarded the minis (and myself!) with Scooby Snacks from Northern Lights in the middle of our busy, busy week.

Thursday we had a very special St. Patrick's Day. Read about our magical day here.

We ended our week with a Pint Size Prom! This was the first time we tried this theme day and it was a hit! 

What a memorable and fun week we had! I'm fairly certain the kiddos will be talking about Spring Break 2016 for a while.