Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend

We had a fantastic Easter weekend! 

Friday night we ordered Chicago style pizza from Felix and Oscar's (one of our fave pizza places in DM) and watched Marched Madness to end our week and begin our weekend. I've never been much of a 'going out on Friday night' type girl, making this my dream Friday night.

Saturday we went to two Easter events around the city. In the morning we attended Living History Farms Family Easter. I had every intention of being at the event by 9 a.m. but I couldn't seem to pull myself out of bed until 8:30. The minis and I did make it out of the house (miraculously) by 10 a.m. This accidental lateness actually turned out perfectly because we avoided the crowds of early people. We experienced no waiting at any of the games or activities. The event was fantastic and definitely makes the cut for next year too. The only thing that would have made it more enjoyable would have been warmer weather.

I loved how they did the Egg Hunts at LHF. You've probably heard about or witnessed the crazy and over the top public egg hunts (the ones made for kids, but idiotic parents ruin them). LHF had the age groups separated to make things easier AND they told parents that they were not allowed to participate or help their child(ren). Parents had to stay behind the ropes at all times. Brilliant and well organized!

They had a special area for kids 4 and younger. They had teens dressed up as bunnies helping kids collect eggs (they could get up to five or six eggs and they were filled with stickers, not candy. A big plus for this momma). In this Bunnyland (as they called it) they also had coloring books and crayons and cookies and lemonade for a treat.

The baby lambs were adorable! 

Another Easter Bunny visit (they're just as obsessed with the E.B. as they are with Santa) and a ride on a wagon pulled by their horses (same horses that pulled us when we were there for Apple Fest).

They couldn't stop shoveling popcorn in their mouths long enough to take a decent picture. Hey, I'll take what I can get.

A view of the town from the top of the hill.

Inside of the town barn were bunnies that the kids could pet.

In the next couple of years, we'll definitely invest in a season pass to Living History Farms. Not only can we take advantage of discounts to these special events they host, but it is also extremely educational for kids to see "how life used to be." 

After a quick lunch, we headed to the Blank Park Zoo's Eggstravaganza. Our late start meant we missed the crowds at this event too. For the record, it's not that I hate crowds of people (although it's not my favorite thing to deal with), it's that crowds of people and young kids do not mix well. So it's always a plus when it's avoided! 

The zoo's egg hunt was fairly simple and easy. The kids got to go into an area, fill up their carton with eggs (that were empty), then turn the carton in for a baggie of goodies. Then we went to see all of the animals. Unfortunately it started raining while we were there (and I failed to bring my rain jacket), but all of the animals were extremely active, making for some very happy kids!

Another picture with another E.B.

The red pandas kept the kids entertained as they tried to catch the rain from the very top of their structure.

Screaming at the otter is always a favorite.

The tiger tried to eat her colored ice egg while the minis cheered her on.

The rest of the rainy afternoon and evening was spent dying eggs and eating the hard boiled eggs. I got a bit of a mom break when I ran errands by myself while Hubs put the kids to bed. I got home well after they were asleep and my Easter Bunny frenzy began.

Our E.B. took the easy way out this year. She bought mini Herhsey chocolate eggs and hid them around the house (no dealing with opening the plastic eggs!). Our E.B. never brings candy in baskets. This year she opted for Nerf guns for the whole family!, DVD's to watch on our upcoming road trips, rain coats, a game to play with friends this summer, and beloved Lego's to keep them entertained. She did a good job this year and didn't spend a ton of money like she did last year (she's patting herself on the back).

The minis were so excited to see what the E.B. had brought them that they awoke at 5 a.m. Yikes! It was a bit too early for mom and dad. After watching them open their baskets, find all of the chocolate eggs, and referee their first (of many) Nerf fights, mom and dad popped the Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD in and went back to sleep on the couches. We woke up at the end of the movie to find that the kids had opened all of their Lego's and ate all but 11 pieces of the chocolate eggs. Ooops!

A note from the E.B.!

"This is yummy chocolate!"

A (somewhat) healthy breakfast to counter all of that chocolate eaten at 6 a.m.

Hubs and I got tired of supervising Nerf fights, so we set up a shooting range for them to practice.

We required the kids to attempt to nap Easter afternoon before dinner. While they "napped" I had time for a beverage and book. Absolutely perfect as far as Sunday afternoons go.

Annual Easter pictures by the front tree.

I asked the minis to take a picture with me and only one kid wanted to. I was not ready for that one.

It's not officially a holiday until one kid breaks down and the others make fun of her/him. Fun times....and all because I wouldn't let her buckle herself in her car seat. I'm a terrible mom for caring about safety.

We had Easter dinner at my parents with my grandparents and my sister. The kids got Easter baskets and had a massive egg hunt (I even got in on the action a bit).

A dinner selfie minus the rents who were still busy preparing the delicious meal. Elizabeth and my grandma "had a party" during dinner which resulted in Elizabeth eating most of her dinner (which never happens with that girl).

Harrison did excellent at imitating/half making fun of me and my selfie taking ways.

We ended the night with a game of hide n' seek. Max hid under the pillows on the bed. Elizabeth wanted to hide with him, but didn't want to be under pillows. Her thinking? "If I lay really flat, no one will find me!"

Big H peeking from the closet.

I could really get used to these laid back holidays we're creating for our kids (much like our Christmas this past year). Next weekend won't be quite as kid centered as we're doing a few "grown up activities" of our own. Stay tuned to the blog and our Facebook page for updates on our fun!