Monday, March 28, 2016

An Easter Party For Kids

Daycare had our yearly Easter Party last week. Since there's more younger kids (than older kids) this year, we kept our party day simple but full of activities and fun for all age groups!

Remember a few weeks ago when I had the kids paint paper eggs (found at Michael's for $1.99)? We used those eggs in our morning game of Find The Eggs. I hid them five times because the kids were having so much fun finding them! I chose not to plastic eggs with candy and money in them as I've done in years past since a lot of the kids couldn't eat the candy or have the money. Using the paper eggs actually made things easier for everyone.

Our other game of the morning wasn't a hit at all. I thought for sure the 3 and older crowd would love to play Pin The Tail on the Bunny, but turns out no one enjoyed being blindfolded or holding a cotton ball in their hand. The only one who thought it was fun was the (almost) 8 year old, who played it several times (by himself).

Otherwise, this game was simple to make: two white paper plates, bunny ear cut outs (I drew them and had the kids cut them out, hence the different sizes and shapes of the two ears!), and cotton balls with tape on one side so the kids can try to stick the bunny's tail on. I did not get any pictures of this game being played because the kids needed too much help trying to play the game. As much fun as I thought this game might have been, we will not be doing this game next year to avoid any meltdowns over the tape on the cotton ball.

A Jelly Beans candle to set the mood for the day.

The painting projects for the day: cookie cutter bunny and carrot painting and paper eggs painting. We used Crayola Neon paints and round dabbers. The kids thoroughly enjoyed slamming the dabbers into their eggs.

We also hatched a (fake) baby chick.

The sensory activity for the day: flour sand with pastel spoons for scooping, plastic glittery eggs for burying, and a furry bunny to complete the bin.

The annual creepy bunny cake. I have used my bunny cake pan a lot over the last four years!

The kid's favorite part of the party: the treat bags. I didn't want to do candy since half of the kids are too little to eat it and they're too little for the little nick knacks typically found in goody bags. Instead I filled them with crunchies, Puffs, and two kinds of yogurt melts. I waited to give them out until the end of the day (at pick up time) and the kids went crazy when their parents handed them over.

Tips to myself for next year: baby treat bags are a hit with even the oldest kids and Put the Tail on the Bunny is a no go.