Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Basket Ideas For The Whole Family

The Easter Bunny has to come up with new ideas every year. This year, the E.B. is giving the minis new rain boots (that they can hike in), rain coats, DVD's (to be used for our upcoming spring/summer road trips) and books. I had a fairly easy time coming up with ideas this year since everything is revolving around our travel adventures, but some years I've hemmed and hawed over what to put in their baskets. We don't do candy for multiple reasons:
family usually gives them their fill of chocolate bunnies, they don't eat candy often, and the oldest is allergic to nuts so that rules out a lot of Easter candy (trust me, it'd be a totally different story if I could buy Reese's eggs for me them).

Here's a few ideas for all age groups (including mom and dad!) that will not result in a sugar rush:

For Baby:
 (Think needs before wants for babies since they don't know any different)
For Toddler:
For Preschooler:
For Grade Schooler:

For Tweens:

  • Ipod/iTunes gift cards. I remember really getting into music (classic rock to be exact) in my tweens and buying tons of CD's. Get an Ipod and pre-download music onto it for them with songs they like, songs you like, and songs they need to know (American Pie anyone?).
  • Books: The Divergent series were a big hit, or classics like Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • New spring wardrobe. I'm a big Old Navy fan because I can shop for our entire family in one stop. 
  • Rain boots
  • At home spa day.  Fill an Easter basket with some comfy socks, nail polish, nail polish remover wipes, lotion, and a facial mask.  Guys might appreciate some body spray, the Axe Detailer, and Dove for Men face and body wash. 
For Teen:
  • Starbucks gift card.  How cute would it be to take a (clean!) empty Starbucks frappuccino cup and put Easter grass inside with a gift card?
  • iTunes gift card. Let your kid pick out their own music, movies, or games to enjoy.
  • Spotify Premium.  This subscription music service is perfect for anyone who finds themselves spending too much on downloaded music each month.  Create and share playlists and stream music instantly!
  • Gas gift card.  While gas has gotten cheaper recently, it still isn't cheap.  A gift card to the local gas station could be appreciated by the teen who recently go their license.
For Mom:
  • New pajama set
  • Lotion
  • Box of chocolates
  • Pedicure or manicure gift card
  • Cleaning up all of the Easter basket grass. It may not be an item, but this is what I really hope to receive Easter morning!
For Dad:
  • Lightweight pajama bottoms
  • Beer. Summer flavors are just hitting shelves!
  • T-shirts and short sleeved shirts. Hubs loves Gap polos.
  • Time at the driving range.  Spring is FINALLY here, let dad get out of the house and spend some time with a bucket of golf balls some afternoon!
  • Go carts & miniature golf.  This can turn into a treat for the whole family!