Thursday, June 4, 2015

Photo Booth Day

 The kiddos love theme days around here, so I try to plan at least one or two a week during the summer. I had initially wanted to do this one outdoors, but the rain had other plans. We rolled with it and turned half of the kitchen into a make shift photo booth. This was very easy to do since I had almost all of the items. The only thing I had to purchase were disposable cameras (did you know they still made those???).

 The kids loved dressing up in the costumes and being able to use the disposable camera themselves. It took a bit to explain how the cameras worked and I did have to closely monitor the cameras so they didn't use all 27 pictures of a bug on the carpet (true story).

 More than one child took a picture of their eye while they tried to figure out the camera!

The kids colored camera cut outs (drawn by me, cut out by the older kids).

All in all, a great way to keep the kids entertained for a few hours. All ages of kids seemed to enjoy getting their picture taking and wearing costumes. Kids ages 3+ enjoyed this day the most and loved wearing the costumes and taking each others pictures.
Want to do create your own photo booth for cheap? Try this:
  • 1 white twin or double flat sheet (or another plain color of your choice)
  • Painters tape (to hang the sheet on the wall)
  • Disposable cameras (Walmart had a 2 pack for $12.86), this way the kids can take pictures of each other.
  • Dress up clothes/masks/hats (optional; we already had these items so we pulled them out for the day. If you don't have any dress up clothes, have kids were silly clothes (mismatched pajamas, silly socks, or have kids make silly faces, etc.).