Monday, June 22, 2015

To My Middle Son on His 5th Birthday

Dear Harrison,
You're a whole hand full and you couldn't be more excited about it. This marks five years of keeping life more than interesting, snuggles, and sweet kisses. We still refer to you as our "wild card" as we NEVER know how you'll react to situations. You keep us on our toes, leave us stumped, have us pulling our hair out, and give us some pretty stellar stories to re-tell.
You have grown so much this past year I can't quite believe it. You've grown up a lot, ditched nap times, grew taller, and learned so much at school. So far you've spent your summer being one of the big kids and have been doing really well "showing the little kids how it's done."
I really never thought I'd see the day that I could leave in the evenings for a walk or to run errands without you crying or without you glued to my hip. But we've seen that day and with it you became much more independent and self-confident. I am so proud to see that in you as we've worked really hard the past two years to accomplish this!
Your new obsessions are anything Arial, dress up clothes, playing in the backyard for hours upon hours, "Pete The Cat," "Once Upon A Time," and the minion fart gun. You're frightened of swimming in water that's more than 2 ft. deep yet you absolutely love water parks.
You LOVE amusement parks. Any ride that goes extremely fast and swings you around is your favorite. Slow rides are not your cup of tea...but you do LOVE tea as well. Iced tea, not sweetened.
You love Mexican food and "white salsa" (cheese dip). Whenever the subject of going out to eat comes up, you instantly suggest El Rodeo. You're still deathly afraid of dogs and suddenly even our cats have been scaring you. I'm really hoping this is just a phase you'll be over soon.
Thank you my little H-ee Boy for showing me exactly what unconditional love is and reminding me just how important my mommy job is. You have boundless energy and love that it inspires me to get my butt in gear. You remind me of Grandma Ann when you wake up bright and early every morning, cheerful and ready to greet the day. No one else in our family is as quite the morning person as you are.
Your creativity and imagination has sparkled this past year. I can't wait to see how much you'll grow and change in your next adventure: DK! You'll be away from me more than you ever have in your life, but I'm still happy to keep my Friday's with you for one more year.
I love you my little buddy! I love you for keeping every adventure interesting and your amazing one liners. There has never been a dull moment in my life since the day you were born and I don't foresee any days ahead that don't require me being on my toes.
You're the best Harrison in the whole wide world. I love you big H!