Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weekend Play

Work hard, play harder was the theme last weekend. I had a lot of website work to get done--posts to write, a new section to set up (although that was mostly Lauren, so kudos to her for getting the new Shop section up and running), and promoting around town on Sunday. However, Saturday was mostly a play day around Des Moines. We began our morning at the downtown Farmer's Market. We got our regular whole wheat raspberry cinnamon rolls, the kids got their mini donuts, we sampled gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, and Hubs and I got our favorite pupusas.

 Elizabeth's tummy was hurting so she laid across Matt's lap. She also made a good table for him while he checked on the weather.

 Walking around downtown Des Moines.

 After the market, we took the kids to Ewing Park to play. Surprisingly the park was hardly busy.

 The kids got off of the merry go round, but I kept on going by myself.

 We ran some errands, picked up a movie for family movie night, and ate at Fong's in Ankeny. It was delicious and I treated myself to a drink.

 Saturday night we watched "Jurassic Park" for family movie night. I was a bit worried that the minis would get too scared by it, but they wound up LOVING it! The second and third movie are on the agenda for this week. After the minis went to bed, I worked on website stuff and binge watched "Orange Is The New Black" on Netflix. Definitely NOT one for the minis to see!
Sunday, Lauren and I launched a new Shop section on our site selling activities for the kids to do this summer. Read more on that here.

 Lauren and I took some time to do a little shopping while we were out promoting the website. I came home with new Yankee candles and lotion from Bath and Body Works.

After a day driving around town (and shopping), we took the minis to their favorite pool: Cascade Falls in Ankeny. It was the perfect way to end our weekend.
Next weekend we've got two family reunions to attend, Harrison's 5th birthday, and celebrating Father's Day! It will be more of a play harder and harder type of weekend.