Thursday, June 11, 2015

Elizabeth's Birthday Weekend

Elizabeth turned 3 last weekend! For my kid's birthday, they get to choose whatever it is they want to do on their special day and we do it. This was a big weekend with the Birthday Bash taking place at our house this year (post about the party to be up soon!), so we were really happy that Elizabeth chose to keep things pretty low key for her day.

 We stayed up (really) late Friday night to make Elizabeth "Frozen" castle for the Birthday Bash. She couldn't have been more pleased with it! Score for mom and dad!

 This is the first year that Elizabeth REALLY got into her birthday. She absolutely loved all of her presents and has taken great pride in the fact that they're all "mine. Sometimes I'll share them, okay mommy?"

 Elizabeth wanted to go strawberry picking for her day. We went to Iowa Orchard and picked 13.5 lbs of delicious strawberries. Unfortunately, the kids didn't really get into picking the strawberries because we had to search under the leaves. Matt and I picked nearly all of them ourselves while the minis whined about being too hot and needing to pee. Yet after we left they claimed they couldn't wait to go strawberry picking again next year.....

 After strawberry picking we went to American Legion Park in West Des Moines. We packed a picnic lunch and played in the spray pad. Perfect for cooling off after an hour of picking strawberries.

 Yes, I had to run through the water with her. With my clothes on. The things we do for our children.

 Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer brought more presents to open! Elizabeth is set for Barbie stuff now!

When asked how her birthday was, Elizabeth responded "it was great! I like opening presents and having a party and eating strawberries." We have a happy, healthy, and spoiled 3 year old here!