Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pasta Play Day 2015

 The kids love sensory activities: feeling it, eating it, getting creative with their play. One of their favorites is pasta. Last year's Pasta Play Day was such fun that we re-created (as best as I could). The biggest difference: thanks to the rain we had to keep the fun indoors. The clean up wasn't as easy as it would have been outdoors, but we worked with it and laid down sheets.

 We began Pasta Play Day with some sensory play. The kids smelled it, touched it, and even ate it...a lot of it. The kids quickly moved on to the Imaginative Play portion of the morning and played restaurant and chefs. Then they created a game to see who could scoop the pasta from bowl to bowl the fastest.

 "It's a pasta birthday cake!"

 Spaghetti painting. Their paintings turned out really neat!

 Italian food for lunch: homemade lasagna, cheese ravioli, fettucine alfredo, salad, and bread sticks.

 During naps, I laid out these supplies (markers, uncooked spaghetti, tape, glue, scissors, and paper) for the big kids and told them to get creative and make something. I was so impressed with what they came up with!

 A flower with spaghetti noodles colored green for the stem.
 A butcher knife and a candle stick with a flame and a flower garden (pictured below).

All in all a very fun day of pasta activities!
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