Saturday, June 13, 2015

Feet Painting

A couple of years ago I tried feet painting with my boys. In our kitchen. The boys had a blast, but things got crazy messy. Like, I'm still finding random splatters of paint occasionally two years later, kind of crazy messy. But the boys had a blast and have asked to feet paint ever since then.

This past week we got the daycare involved in the feet painting messiness. I wised up and set things up in the backyard this time around. I did this with kids ages 8 months to 7 years old and almost all of the kids LOVED feet painting.
Feet Painting is incredibly simple and makes for a very messy, good time!
What You Need for Feet Painting:
  • Paint (colors of your choice, I chose yellow and red because of how it looks when mixed together)
  • Poster board
  • Cookie trays (or something flat to put the paint on)
  • Feet

 The paint on the cookie trays was actually really slippery so a lot of the kids wanted to hold a hand while they ran through. Thankfully I had them dress in their swimming suits and rinsed off in the sprinkler afterwards!

 We went through 4 bottles of paint (2 red, 2 yellow).

 Most of the paintings ended up just a piece of poster board with smeared paint on it because the kids wound up sliding into the papers. A few of them you could actually make out a few feet prints.

We laid these in the sun to dry and, given that it was a hot and sunny day, they were dry within an hour.

The kids have requested this be an every summer activity!