Thursday, June 11, 2015

2015 Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is almost here!  We've collected 16 awesome gift ideas for the guys in your life!  All of the links are Amazon Prime eligible!  If you aren't familiar with Amazon Prime, it is a fantastic way to get free 2-day shipping on tons of products!  My husband and I keep wishlists throughout the year, making holidays and birthdays so much easier!
1. Flexible Phone Tripod -  This is more than a tripod, we can picture so many uses!  This would be perfect for watching an instructional video while doing a repair, capturing a video of the kids playing outside, or attaching it to bike handle bars so you can use GPS on your phone.  The legs can wrap around nearly anything, turning any solid surface (or fence post, or flag pole, etc.) into a phone holder.
2. LED Head Lamp - So many projects require two hands, and as much as your kiddos want to help, they don't always hold the flashlight steady.  This headlamp might look a little goofy but is a HUGE help when working on projects or repairs in tight spaces.  
3. Ceramic Griddle - This one is a little self serving.  My dad's kitchen skills are limited to grilling and breakfast, but I'm not thrilled with track record of non-stick cookware.  When I saw this ceramic griddle, I knew this would be perfect for our family.  Make sure you use plastic cooking utensils to avoid damage!
4. The Martian by Andy Weir -  This self-published book was quickly picked up by a major publisher and is headed to theaters.  Available on Kindle, paperback, hardcover, and audio book.
5. Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth - A small but mighty Bluetooth speaker is perfect for around the house, garage, or workshop.  With a 7-hour battery life, Dad can enjoy an afternoon of music while working on whatever project around the house.
6. Fitbit Charge HR - With several models of Fitbits on the market, there are several options for helping dad track his activity.  The Flex tracks steps and sleep, The Charge adds a digital display that replaces your watch and shows your stats, The Charge HR adds heart rate tracking, and the ultimate Fitbit is The Surge adds music control and GPS with a larger digital display.  All of these sync with your smartphone via Bluetooth or via your computer!  No smartphone required!
7. Cards Against Humanity - This fun (and not child-friendly!) party game is perfect for unwinding with friends or (maybe) family!  You don't truly know your friends until you've played CAH with them!
8. DeWalt Tool Box - We wanted to avoid the cliche  gift ideas of tools, but Ashlen's husband and mine both requested tools this year.  This tool box is heavier duty than a normal tool box, and the increased capacity helps keep more tools at arms reach during a project.  Next goal: completing a project with only one trip to Lowes!
9. Amazon Fire Stick - Both of our homes are cable/dish free, relying on Over the Air, Netflix, Hulu, and Sling for our television entertainment.  The Fire Stick is similar to a USB drive, but for an HDMI port, turning any display with an open HDMI into a smart TV.  Similar to a Google Chromecast, however this has it's own remote and doesn't rely on a smart phone like Chromecast. We have both at our house and the Fire Stick gets my vote.
10. Larry Light - These lightweight LED flashlights are perfect to have on hand for projects or emergencies.  The magnetic clip holds the flashlight to our fridge and we know right were to find it for emergencies.  It uses only 3 AAA batteries, yet puts out a good amount of light.  
11. Dremel Tool The Dremel rotary tool has been around for ages and it is still a favorite for many projects around our house.  I thought a battery operated version would be preferred for it's portability, but both my husband and Ashlen's agreed that corded is the way to go.
12. Charcoal Chimney  If you have a charcoal grill, then a chimney is a must!  stuff the bottom third with crumpled up newspapers (or junk mail if you're at our house) and load the top 2/3 with charcoal.  Light the paper and wait about 20-30 minutes and your coals are perfect for grilling.  Easier and safer than lighter fluid!
13. 5-in-1 Griddle & Waffle Maker This item instantly had a certain dad drooling (hi Matt!).  Whether it is for Belgian Waffles, panini sandwiches, grill, griddle, or half grill/half griddle, this is the gift that keeps on giving.  You could probably cook 3 meals a day on this machine - plus the metal plates are dishwasher safe!
14. Kindle Fire HD - The Kindle Fire comes with an affordable price tag (only $99!) and can be loaded with games, books, apps, music, and movies to make dad's free time more enjoyable.  
15. GoPro Hero 3+ - I doubt there is anyone who hasn't heard of a GoPro these days, but these are such a fun way to capture video, time lapse, and still photos from anywhere above or below the sea!  The Hero 3+ can be controlled by your smartphone or included remote and lets you relive your adventures later.
16. DeWalt Scroll Saw As the most expensive gift on our list, this isn't the type of gift you give unless they've expressed some interest.  I love to purchase these types of gifts from Amazon because we get free shipping through Amazon Prime, and I can read real consumer reviews to make sure I'm getting the best product for my money.

So tell us, what are you getting your partner for Father's Day?  Any recommendations we missed?