Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Last of the 3 Day Weekends

I've had A LOT of days off in May due to our vacation (read more about our Dells vacation here), school functions, family coming into town, and, oh yes, more end of the school year functions. Thankfully I am blessed with amazing day care families who have been very understanding about all of my time off! This past weekend was my last three day weekend for a long while. We didn't do much other than housework, yard work, and errand running, but after our incredibly busy month, we were well behind on all of those things!
On Friday I enjoyed a morning at Max's school and got to have a picnic with his entire first grade class. I loved chatting with the other parents and Max loved that I brought him is favorite meatball sub for lunch.

 On Saturday the minis and I stayed home and cleaned bedrooms, did laundry, read books, and cleaned the windows. We ended our day with a trip to Barnes and Noble. The minis enjoyed the children's stage!

On Sunday Hubs did yard work and the three minis and I ran errands and got the house ready for our busy daycare week. Now that we're coming out of our busiest month of the year so far, we're headed right into June. Also referred to as Birthday Month in our house. All 3 minis birthday's, 3 Sunday's in June. Onto the next round of craziness!