Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week In Review: May 26 - May 28

Our 3 day daycare week started rainy, wet, and muddy. Meaning time spent inside, although the kids didn't seem to mind much and enjoyed our Little Lego Day and Play Doh Day. 
Here's a peak at our week:

Monday: a bandaged up and sprained foot. It didn't make getting around too difficult thankfully, but it did give me an excuse to put my feet up while I did activities with the kiddos. Harrison pretended to have a "hurt foot" too by wrapping his blanket around his leg, resting on the couch, and limping to the bathroom. This kid committed to his hurt foot routine for a solid 30 minutes before he found out he wouldn't be able to play outside with it. I didn't get the hurt foot act the rest of the week.

On Tuesday all of the kids that were at daycare were ages 3 or older, so we deemed it a Little Lego Day. The kids mostly put together the little figurines and built a couple of cars. It was a great activity for a rainy day and the building fun lasted all day long.

 Another great rainy day activity: Play Doh. Since it was just that type of day on Wednesday, we had a Play Doh Day. We didn't make our own play dough this time, but got out ALL of the Play Doh toys and accessories we have to make it an all day event. The kids loved it and had a great time! Play Doh seems to be one of those things that never get old. Some of our favorite sets are: the Birthday Cake Tower, the Frozen set, a Despicable Me setfarm animalspicnic set, and of course a few sets of accessories.

Thursday was a mix of Lego building and playing in the backyard (which was still a bit wet and muddy). We practiced making numbers and letters with Duplos. Two of the kids made "a giant water park." I love seeing their creativity and what they come up with to build.

 We got the new Ikea gym mat out and the kids practiced their tumbling...and Ninja fighting.

The big excitement for the week were our cup of caterpillars that will soon be butterflies!
Next week is the start of summer for daycare, when ALL of the kids are back for the summer! We've got a lot of fun things planned: a silly string fight and cookies (to celebrate the start of the summer), a Lemonade Stand Day, Safety Day, and more!