Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tea Party For Kids

 The kids have been asking to have "a real life tea party" for a while now. Thanks to a shopping trip to Toys R Us for birthday presents (for all of the birthday parties the minis have been attending), I purchased a porcelain Tinkerbell tea set so that the kids could finally have their real life tea party. The kids ate animal crackers as they sipped  (gulped down) tea. The girls even put on princess dresses for the occasion. 

 The kids love playing with the tea cart (find one similar to this here) and it was finally put to use for the tea party! It held milk and sugar and the tea pot filled with warm tea.

 What girl doesn't need a Belle dress and tea???

 Prince Charming joined the party after school.

 There was only one spill while pouring....

As soon as the last sip of tea was drank, the kids immediately asked for another tea party!