Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Very Busy Thursday

May has been an insanely busy month for us with end of the year school functions, meetings, and family have over taken our lives the past three weeks. Which means I haven't worked a full week at all in May. Sounds awesome that I've gotten so much time off, right??? days off have been spent go, go, and going. Last Thursday was no exception.

The most important part of our day: Big H graduated four year old preschool. They did a program, called each child up to the stage to receive their certificate, and ended the year with an ice cream party at Snookies. It was such a fun morning and I am so proud of how much he has grown this school year. Harrison was lucky to have amazing teachers who really worked with him. 

 How cute is that cap and gown??!!?

 Enjoying one last play time with school friends.

 We took Harrison and Elizabeth out for lunch to H's favorite restaurant: El Rodeo.

 Matt and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pose in these cut outs.

 We had just enough time to finish lunch and then head to Max's school for his Olympics (Field Day). We had a great two hours watching the activities and chatting with other parents.

 After field day, we made our way to the Valley Junction Farmer's Market for delicious local food, fruits, and veggies. While we shopped we listened to local artists play music. It was the perfect night to go to the farmer's market. The best part: it wasn't crowded at all!

 Dancing with daddy.

 West Des Moines Public Works was at the farmer's market and had tons of free activities for the kids. Of course the minis favorite thing was climbing in and out of the "big work trucks" (according to Elizabeth).

I had just enough time to leave the farmer's market and make it to the last PTA meeting at Max's school. By the time we got home we were all beyond exhausted, but the day will be etched in our memories forever. I'm thankful for only one more crazy week left before summer vacation begins for the oldest mini....then it will be time for the summer craziness!