Monday, May 25, 2015

Week In Review: May 18 - May 22

Yet another short week here at daycare thanks to school functions for the boys. We spent a lot of time outdoors, singing songs, reading books, and talking about summer. We also began talking a great deal about summer and the extra daycare kids around. I've found talking a lot about changes really helps the kids transitions and makes things much easier. We also spoke about all of the activities we'll be doing this summer and got some new ideas from the kids.
Here's a brief look at our week:

 I had the kids get creative with foam face shapes and foam stickers. First we spoke about how shapes can be used to make things. Then I had them use the foam shapes to create a face. Several of the kids did some really cool faces and a few of the kids were still too young to understand what they were doing....but they still had a great time putting the stickers on the faces!

 Our summer stuff has began arriving from Amazon! This year we're trying out the butterfly garden and possibly the Lady Bug Land again (as requested by the kids).

 Tuesday evening we had Max's Art Festival at school. We got to see all of the projects they've worked on all year (this year was a lot of pottery) and the coolest thing of all: the second floor of the school is always created into something. Last year was a jungle and this year was the Northwest Territory.

 The kids (and myself) colored butterfly masks and began talking about the stages of becoming a butterfly. We read one of the kids favorite books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

 Max helped the kids with some puzzles one afternoon after school.

 Thursday we had Harrison's preschool graduation (and a lot more going on!). Read more on that here.

 Friday we had a Gardening Morning. The kids planted my flowers for me, decorated the pots with (Sharpie) markers, and got to paint on the sidewalk.

 The kids loved their veggie tray with their grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch! They were very reluctant to try the green mix, but found they loved the fresh green beans when they did try it.

We ended our week by playing in the backyard and eating popsicles. Great way to end the week!
Next week is another short, 3 day week at daycare. We'll be having a Little Lego Day (the kids will get to build with the smaller Legos instead of the duplos), a Play Dough Day, and a "free" day where we'll be doing  just a little bit of everything.