Monday, May 11, 2015

Week In Review: May 4 - May 7

The kids enjoyed Music Monday (and exploring different instruments all week long), had a Cindo de Mayo celebration, worked hard on Mother's Day gifts, and celebrated a daycare friend's birthday. Take a brief look at our week:

 On Monday the kids played with the instruments and had a great time making as much noise as they could. The rest of the week they learned how to play all of the instruments properly and they made their own shakers for our Cinco de Mayo band practice!

 Last year's Cinco de Mayo celebration (read more on that here) was such a hit that we had to do the same this year! This year we added a pinata to the mix. I was rather nervous to try this out with the kids (something about swinging a bat around with other kids near) but it went really well, the kids listened to directions, and had a great time. There were a few worried kids when the pinata broke because they wanted me to fix the donkey. Also on the Cinco de Mayo agenda: coloring sombreros (drawn by yours truly), homemade chicken tacos for lunch, chips and salsa for snack, and dancing to mariachi music. Read more about what happens at our Cinco de Mayo celebrations here.

 The kids made shakers to play during our Mariachi music time and the kids even started their own mariachi band! Things got very loud that day.

 We spent a day getting Mother's Day presents ready and taking pictures of the kids. The kids painted pictures frames for their moms and made cards. The cards were my favorite part. I asked each child what they love to do with their mom. Some of the answers had me cracking up!

 We ended our short four day week with a picnic movie lunch and celebrating a daycare child's birthday with a requested "cookie mountain." 

We'll have a couple of short daycare weeks coming up thanks to a packed end of the school year schedule for the boys. Thankfully we'll be keeping things easy going as we gear up for the start of summer vacations!