Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Weekend Play

 We had so much fun playing this weekend! We had a couple of school functions for the boys, paid a visit to the Blank Park Zoo, saw kites flying at Kites On The Green, got in a hike, playground playing, and swimming at Raccoon River Park, and had an early Mother's Day celebration. Sounds great right???

It was!

 We had Max's school Family Fun Night on Friday. They outdid themselves with blizzards from Dairy  Queen and Queen Elsa. I even got to run the Cake Walk game and introduced the kids to 50's Rock n' Roll via Pandora (they all said it sucked, but I just carried on singing "It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To." Oddly they didn't complain about my singing). 

 We fit in a visit to the Blank Park Zoo before the rain started. The minis were thrilled to see Aunt Jenny working her new job at the zoo.

 Lots of joeys in their mother's pouches! So cute to see up close!

 The minis favorite part of the zoo: feeding the fish. Elizabeth got incredibly mad when "the fish splashed me! They got water all over me!" Good news: we avoided the meltdown by moving onto the seals.

 The coolest thing the minis and I have witnessed: a seal playing chase with the boys! When I told them it was time to go, we made our way up the stairs and were greeted by the seal who was "chasing" them down below. She followed the boys all around the tank while we walked and barked and clapped at them. This was definitely a highlight of the weekend.

 Saturday evening we had Harrison's school Spring Fling. The minis loved dancing and playing with the balloons.

 They got to bring home balloons from the dance...which caused just a few issues in the car.

 After the Spring Fling we stopped by Kites on the Green in Johnston, Iowa. We weren't there long but had a great time listening to the band play and watching some cool kites flying through the air.

 The minis awoke Sunday morning to find their next Experience all lined up! We are all so excited for our getaway! (read more about Experiences for Christmas here)

 We went for a 3 mile hike at Raccoon River Park, played on the playground, and unexpectedly played in the lake! We had such a great time.

 Watch videos of our lake races here.

 Yes, that's my daughter trying to undress on the beach....

We ended our weekend with an early Mother's Day dinner celebration at my parent's house and a walk around the neighborhood with the whole family.  
We had such a great weekend! We've got so many fun weekends planned in the next few weeks that it's exhausting for me to even think about them. All I can think about is: we're making memories!