Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week In Review: May 12 - May 14

Career wooden figurines (found on clearance at Michael's for .99 cents a piece). The kids have been talking a lot lately about jobs, their "jobs" at daycare, and what they want to be when they grow up. So naturally from left to right we have: a princess, fire fighter (that HAS to have the biggest fire truck ever), a police man, and a super hero (but not one that was on "Avengers").

We had a short 3 day daycare week. We kept things light and simple considering summer kids start rolling in this upcoming week! Mostly the kids played outside, sang songs to each other (most of them made up), and had a great time going through the figurine bins.
Here's a quick look at our week:

 One of my sweet daycare kiddos got me this Raised Gardening Kit to grow some herbs. It was a great activity for the kiddos: they got to help me put it together and plant the herbs! I was a bit nervous because we planted this in the front yard, which is not fenced in. However, the kids did a great job at listening and following the safety rules. Next week, we'll begin going over our Summer Safety Rules in more detail.

 A rainy day meant baking brownies.

We brought out the trampoline for our rainy day indoors. The kids did a great job taking turns jumping and they took turns laying on it during our movie hour.
Next week will be another short week and another simple week before the crazy summer begins! We'll be going over our Summer Safety Rules and talking all about safety. We'll also be baking cookies and muffins one day and kicking off Harrison's first day of summer vacation with a gardening day (yes, I sucker the children into planting my flowers for me and they LOVE it!).