Monday, June 15, 2015

Week In Review: June 8 - June 12

What a busy week! We had a lot of activities and two themed days during our 5 day care days. Take a look at some of the action:

 The day after the minis birthday bash we get all of the cupcakes eaten with a daycare Cupcake Day. The kids love the sweet treat during the day and enjoy pretending to make their own cupcakes with the homemade play dough. Read more about last year's Cupcake Day here.

 When the caterpillars became butterflies, the cats became obsessed with them. We had to hang the enclosure up and away from the cats (who still tried to get them). The kids spent most of the week worrying that the cats were going to eat the butterflies. At the end of the week we let the butterflies out of their enclosure and into the world.

 One of the nice things about having the minis Birthday Bash at home is that all of the daycare activities were ready to go. One of the favorites: an entire water table of water beads.

 All of the kids are thoroughly enjoying all of the new toys and games around after the minis birthday party. One of the favorites is the game Ker Plunk.

 The kids colored wooden shaped flowers from Michael's (.99 cents a piece).

 We got in a lot of outside time! The kids enjoyed a game of hide n' seek in the backyard.

 We broke out the summer sensory table this week: Bugs! I used several pounds of black beans and red beans and placed plastic/rubber bugs throughout the table. The kids love it!

 We're really enjoying being out of school with the summer and have been heading places each night. One night we went to one of our favorite wading pools in Des Moines (Ashby Park wading pool) and Snookies ice cream. It was a great way to the end the day.

 We gave Feet Painting a try mid-week and most of the kids LOVED it. Read more about our feet painting morning here.

 I was very impressed with the kids this week and their imaginary play. They built towers and towns, set up villages, created some serious drama stories with the Barbie's, and had some very interesting games.

 The kids pretended to make "soup" with the slime. Very messy, but easy clean up and great entertainment for the kiddos.

 Hubs and I headed to Zoo Brew for date night. Definitely one to check out on a Wednesday night during the summer.

 We ended the week going over safety rules and procedures for Safety Day. We set up a safety town, colored stop lights, did a few runs of fire and tornado drills, and spoke about strangers.

 The kids have been coloring A LOT this week and have been getting very creative with their drawings. I've had a couple of the 5 year olds practicing their letters, numbers, and writing words.
Next week we'll be keeping extra busy too with Lego building, baking brownies, an Ice Cream Day, hand print painting, and a Pizza Day!