Thursday, June 25, 2015

Harrison's Big Birthday Weekend

 Our little buddy turned 5 last Sunday (read his birthday letter here)! We had an incredibly busy weekend with family reunions and a day at Adventureland.

 Lots of family time at the reunions. It was great seeing people and catching up (and meeting new people too).

While Harrison and Elizabeth napped, Max kept busy and quiet with sticker books.

 Harrison was so excited for his birthday that he woke up bright and early and ready to open his presents.

 One of the sweetest, most selfless moments: Harrison finished opening his gifts and with the same excitement he had for his own gifts, handed Matt his Father's Day gift and excitedly said "now it's your turn dad!" He forgot about his own gifts, that he had opened moments before and watched Matt open his.

 "I'm a whole hand full now!"

Harrison requested an "Ariel mermaid cake" for his birthday, so I took the simple way out: a simple chocolate cake, blue frosting, and The Little Mermaid figurines. Easy and a happy little boy. He was even happier because they got to eat the cake for his birthday breakfast!

 Harrison wanted to spend his day at Adventureland riding the fastest rides. The scarier the better. We all had a great day and we're even more excited about our Adventureland Season Passes which will be put to great use these next few weeks!

After Adventureland, Grandma's and Grandpa's stopped by to give Harrison his gifts. Then it turned into a Lego building party. When asked about how his birthday was, big H responded "it was a great day!"